At Keyuri's, we have taken the ancient tradition of henna and transformed a candle to an object of art. We offer very fine, handcrafted, bejewelled henna candles.

Henna is the paint, and candles are the canvas. The candles are exquisitely adorned with intricate, filigree lace-like designs, and entirely drawn free hand (no stencils used - otherwise it is no fun, is it?). They are further lavishly embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals and small hand cut mirrors, and then sealed in 3 stages for a silky smooth and lasting finish with a pearlescent sheen. Being sealed in, the henna will not fall off easily , and, with proper care, can last for many, many years.

Each candle has an insert at the top for a tealite. A glass tealite holder and an eco-friendly tealite are included. The hennaed candle itself is never burned down, only the tealite is lit, and can be replaced as needed. This makes the candle itself more of a decorative holder. The tealites are made from environment friendly 100% soy wax - guilt free candle burning for the discerning among us. The soy tealites have a burn time of approximately 5 hours.

These candles can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

These unique, one of a kind, candles hold a place of pride in many a home. Patrons love the henna artwork, and admire the delicacy and beauty of the detailed design, the crystals and mirrors, and the glittering reflections dancing off of them.